Training Opportunities

Workforce Training Opportunities

Where will you find the employees you need with the skills you require to grow your business?

What skills will they have? How can you train workers? Since 1984, Central Minnesota Jobs & Training Services, Inc. (CMJTS) has helped businesses like yours find answers to these important questions. CMJTS is a nonprofit employment and training agency and a partner in the Minnesota Workforce Center System. Its goal is to match job seekers, youth, businesses, and those seeking training with the resources available to them. The mission of CMJTS, "to strengthen central Minnesota communities through leadership in workforce excellence," mirrors the mission of GPS 45:93--to strengthen our regional economy.

CMJTS business services can help you...

Connect with Qualified Workers

  • CMJTS provides employers with employment and training programs serving entry-level to highly-skilled job seekers. Job seekers' skills and interests are professionally evaluated to help ensure referral of qualified candidates to you.
  • CMJTS provides quality individualized training services for demand and growing occupations. We maintain a pool of job-ready candidates and can refer prospective employees for your consideration.
  • CMJTS focuses on training workers for demand industries in our region. Demand industries, defined by the Central Minnesota Workforce Development Board, are: manufacturing; healthcare; construction and transportation; natural resources and energy, including agriculture; and professional and business services, including information technology.
  • Other CMJTS grant training projects are offered periodically, depending on funding.

Connect with Business Resources and Employee Training

  • CMJTS partners with area colleges, training providers, and Adult Basic Education to offer the most relevant and up-to-date training to meet your business needs.
  • CMJTS offers individualized training programs for job seekers that match the needs of your business, including On-the-Job Training, Work Experience, Workforce Protégé, and Customized Training programs.
  • CMJTS can help you invest in and advance your current workforce through Incumbent Worker training.
  • Receive assistance to coordinate a Registered Apprenticeship program in your business.
  • Use CMJTS' offices for your recruitment and interviewing needs.
  • Access data on regional workforce, wage, and labor trends.
  • Visit with our staff about your workforce needs and connect to partners and resources in the Workforce Center System.

Connect with CMJTS

To learn more about CMJTS business and job seeker services please contact:

Rebecca Perrotti | Workforce Development Coordinator

Central Minnesota Jobs & Training Services, Inc.

903 E. Forest Avenue | Mora, MN 55051

p:  612.247.9319 | e:

Workforce Excellence Is CENTRAL To All We Do

Thank you for the assistance with our staffing needs. The individuals we have hired are a valuable asset to our organization. The on-the-job training program allows us to train incoming employees by providing financial support to help cover the costs. We will continue to use the services you provide.

Glen Heffron
Plant Manager,
Ever Cat Fuels