Workforce Data

Workforce Opportunity

An available skilled workforce is one of the greatest opportunities the GPS Region can provide.

Commuting Workforce

The vast majority of our skilled workforce commutes to the Twin Cities Metro to work.

Historically, the low cost of housing and available jobs in the Twin Cities Metro have caused workers to move to the region. The availability of trained and skilled workers provides a great resource for any firm choosing to locate in the Region. The following are the percentage of workers commuting outside their county for work.

Mroa Kanabec Hospital Air Photo.jpg
Chisago Co. - 77%
Isanti Co. - 73%
Kanabec Co. - 65%
Mille Lacs Co. - 62%
Pine Co. - 57%

The Region's unemployment rate is greater than the State average, which means that skilled workers are readily available.

Add quality education as well as customized training programs and you have a formula for success.

I am extremely happy with our employees that come in every day and give us their best efforts. I have worked for some very good companies but the group of people at OlymPak are the very best I've had the pleasure to work with, bar none."

Gary Syvertsen