A History of Exceptional Performance

There are 17 public school districts in the GPS 5-County Region. They stretch from the Twin Cities northern suburbs to the outskirts of Duluth. District enrollments and geographic size vary significantly. Information about each of the districts can be found on their websites.

The individual districts are unique and reflect the community they serve. While all of the districts stress academics and fine arts, they also offer community education and extracurricular activities. Students from the region have a history of excellence in the classroom, on the athletic field and in the fine arts.

In order to offer a comprehensive education program in a large, sometimes sparsely populated region, the schools have a history of cooperating. The first cooperatives were to serve special and vocational education students. Fourteen districts share classes using two-way interactive TV through a gigabit network and have been able to expand their offerings in foreign language, science, industrial technology, advanced placement and college credit classes. Post-secondary education options and on-line course offerings continue the cooperative effort among and between the districts and local colleges. The districts use their resources creatively and efficiently to offer quality programs for their students and communities.

Area graduates from 2016 enrolling in a technical program at Pine Technical and Community College can qualify for free tuition under a new grant obtained by the College.  Details are available at the Pine Technical Community College Website