Highway Transportation Corridors

The GPS 45:93 5-County Region is located immediately north of the Minneapolis-St. Paul metropolitan area. The Region is served by two highway corridors. (View Map)

The eastern portion of the Region is served by Interstate 35 that runs north to Duluth and Lake Superior.

The western portion of the Region is served by MN (Minnesota Highway) 65 which is a 4-lane road to the City of Cambridge.

In addition to the north south corridors, MN 95 and MN 23 provide a western connection to the St. Cloud area. MN 95 also provides an eastern connection to western Wisconsin.

Airport Service

The southern portion of the GPS 45:93 5-County Region is located less than an hour from the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport. The Region has an additional five (5) local airports serving the 5-County area. (View Map)

Rail Transportation Corridor

The Burlington Northern Santa Fe rail road line runs north from the Minneapolis area along MN 65 and then northeast to Duluth. (View Map) In addition to being a busy freight line, this line is currently being studied for the potential Northern Lights Express passenger corridor.

This is a terrific location for business because of the I-35 corridor. We have a quality, affordable workforce and excellent proximity to our customers and markets in the Twin Cities and Duluth. It is an unbeatable combination."

Bob Thompson,